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Секција енглеског језика

Be a superhero - save the world

I think we can all agree when I say that the most prominent problem of today is the fact that the Earth is getting sicker by the minute. The holes in the ozone layer, dissapearing of drinkable water, hunger, disease...
It may not seem so, but there is something each and every one of us can do about it. 
Probably, you' re thinking  that it won't make a difference if you turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth in the morning, or if you save that plastic bag you got at the store instead of throwing it on the street. 
But, think about it. If everybody did that small, simple thing it will make a huge difference. At the moment, there are over 7 bilion other souls on our planet, just like me, just like you, and if everyone did one of those simple things, Earth would be a better place to live on. People think this way:" If everyone else can throw garbage on the streets and if no one else is trying to save the Earth, why should I?". Do not be one of those people. 
For example, did you know that it takes about 400 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate in nature? 
Also, did you hear about pollution? Toxic waste is being dumped into our rivers. Our water. We are also facing problems of poverty and over- population, education, health care... 
It makes me sad to think that our children might experience the concenquences of our mistakes, but why? Just because nobody could turn off the light when they're not in the room.
And remember, you are not alone. We, as humans, owe it to ourselves to save the world. We owe it to this planet.
If we were to place the entire existence of Earth on a calendar, guess where the beginning of human race would begin? Let's forget about wars, grow up and focus on what really matters. We can all be superheros.


Секција Енглески језик